My Version of Pork in Sour Broth

October 24, 2007

There’s no perfect day to cook this than today while the rain is pouring in. My version is very simple and easy. We like it this way. What were after is the broth and the melt-in-your-mouth pork chunks.

½ kg. Pork, cut into chunks
1 pc. Onion, Quartered
12 pcs. Long beans (sitaw), cut 1” long
1 pack knorr tamarind soup mix with taro
water to boil pork
1 pc. knorr pork cubes

Boil pork & onion in water until tender. Leaving about 4 cups broth. Add knorr pork cubes and stir until well blended. Add long beans and knorr tamarind soup mix with taro. Let boil until vegetable are almost done. Serve with steamed rice.

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