Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight Series

Last week I finally finished this series and I must say that I enjoyed reading it. But there are some instances that I feel somewhat frustrated and bored. So bored that I had to skip the New Moon just to keep my interest to the story running.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The domain that turn into dust

After talking to my two friends about what type of domain and hosting to buy I finally decided yesterday.

Package #1
Domain: for $6.99/ a year

Package #2
Domain: $10.20/ a year
Hosting: $3.36/Quarterly

I chose Package #2 but then again I changed my mind and picked package #1. I went to package # 1 site and applied for it. At the end of the transaction, it was indicated that I have to wait for 24 hours for my code. So I decided to browse for blogger themes and create a new blog. After 4 hours of browsing, the only thing I got is headache for installing themes and then trying to figure out what went wrong with the code. That's the reason why I don't like blogger. It always makes me mad every time I tried to change my themes.And then when I decided to stop, I got curious and opened my email. There, the email that I've been waiting. :) I called hubby so we could read the email together. After reading the email, we were dumbfounded.  We need  to send a proof of identification ( I.D or Passport) either by fax or email in order for them to authenticate our identity. According to the email, they need that because of the rampant scamming on-line. Come on, Were the one shielding money here not them. So why do they need to know us? Hubby got mad and decided to cancel it. It looks like a scam to us. What do you think? They are inquiring for PII and we believe it is as scam to ask for those information.

This notice was also attached:

Your account has not been activated, nor has any billing taken place at this time. We will not activate this account until we can properly verify your ID status. If this information has not been received in three (3) business days this account will be terminated in accordance with our T&C. If that's the case so let it be terminated.

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