Monday, December 08, 2008


After watching Manny Pacquiao won the so called “Dream Match” hubby and I headed to Glorietta to buy our new toy and watch quarantine. Quarantine is a remake of the spanish horror film REC

The story revolves around a television reporter, Angela Vidal and her cameraman Scott Percival. They are making a documentary about the night shift of a Los Angeles fire station. The firehouse receives a call from an apartment building about a woman who is screaming. Angela and Scott joins the the fire-fighting team on what looks like a routine call-out, then find herself and her cameraman trapped inside a quarantined building with some frightened residents.

The film is shot in a documentary style (a la the blair witch project) makes the camera constantly moving  and it’s a bit irritating. Half the movie I feel loss because it confuses me who is chasing who.

At the end of the movie there’s an  explanation about what is happening, which no matter how hard I opened my eyes to understand what the cameraman is showing, I can’t see it. Thanks to Google for the explanation.

This is our first time to watch horror movie together and I must say that both of us (especially me was really frightened) because of the claustrophobic tension and the sudden eruption of violence making it a white-knuckle ride. Quarantine is not for the fainted heart. It is scary and full of surprises. I’m glad I don’t have a heart problem or else something might had happened to me.
And if your brave enough, you can play the game


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