Friday, January 30, 2009

Learning Hiligaynon Language

My dad came from the province of Iloilo. Although most of his life are spent here in manila, he never stopped speaking his native dialect. 4 years of my childhood are spent there so I also learned the dialect but I never use it as often as my dad. Mainly because most of the people I know never speak and understand the language. Now you may be wondering why am I sharing this to you. You see for the past days our helper and me are talking in hiligaynon and my husband are always left clueless and I need to translate it to him in order for him to understand. So just for fun we started teaching my hubby the language. At first, just words like: 

Idô -Dog
Diin- Where
Hu-o -Yes
Indî -No
Bulig! -Help!
Namit -Delicious
Pila -How many

Then sentences:

Diin ka naga-istar? -Where do you live?
May Idô (a)ko -I have a dog
Tagadiin ka? -Where are you from?
Diin ka na? -Where are you now?
Maayong aga -Good morning
Maayong Udto -Good noon
Maayong Gab-i -Good evening
Ano imo ngalan? -What is your name?
Palang ga kita -I love you
Salamat gid - Thank you very much
Pila na ang edad nimo? -How old are you?
Kumusta ka? -How are you?
Maayo man, Ikaw ya? -I'm fine, How about you?
Ambut -I don't know
Dugay ka na diri sa manila? -Have you been here long in Manila?
Tagpilá ini? -How much is this?

And of course the bad languages but I'm not posting it here.

Friday, January 09, 2009

My Butt Hurts

Usually my day starts when hubby arrives from work and wakes me up to have breakfast. It's either we go down together with our dogs or he goes down first then me and our dogs followed.

This morning, He goes down first. Martha, Tutong and Teryo followed him while I and Leni were left behind. It happened so fast, the next thing I know I'm on the edge of our staircase and shouting in pain and my butt hurts. Yes! I accidentally tripped while going down and I fell 5 steps. :(

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