Learning Hiligaynon Language

My dad came from the province of Iloilo. Although most of his life are spent here in manila, he never stopped speaking his native dialect. 4 years of my childhood are spent there so I also learned the dialect but I never use it as often as my dad. Mainly because most of the people I know never speak and understand the language. Now you may be wondering why am I sharing this to you. You see for the past days our helper and me are talking in hiligaynon and my husband are always left clueless and I need to translate it to him in order for him to understand. So just for fun we started teaching my hubby the language. At first, just words like: 

Idô -Dog
Diin- Where
Hu-o -Yes
Indî -No
Bulig! -Help!
Namit -Delicious
Pila -How many

Then sentences:

Diin ka naga-istar? -Where do you live?
May Idô (a)ko -I have a dog
Tagadiin ka? -Where are you from?
Diin ka na? -Where are you now?
Maayong aga -Good morning
Maayong Udto -Good noon
Maayong Gab-i -Good evening
Ano imo ngalan? -What is your name?
Palang ga kita -I love you
Salamat gid - Thank you very much
Pila na ang edad nimo? -How old are you?
Kumusta ka? -How are you?
Maayo man, Ikaw ya? -I'm fine, How about you?
Ambut -I don't know
Dugay ka na diri sa manila? -Have you been here long in Manila?
Tagpilá ini? -How much is this?

And of course the bad languages but I'm not posting it here.