Sunday, July 12, 2009

Letting my dogs sleep in our bed

I don't know if I should regret my decision about letting our 4 dogs sleep in our bed after watching this monologue by Ellen. All she said is true.  Once you allowed them to sleep in your bed you'll be having a hard time letting them out.  Guilt will be your biggest problem. 

Every night before I sleep (Hubby's on a night shift 5 times a week) 4 dogs races me to the bed, settling themselves before I get there. And when it's time to order them to get out of the way, I need to spend a couple of minutes physically haul them off  so I can lay down. 

Martha, always challenge my authority and the more you order her to move a bit the more she stretches her body out of luxury so I always remind her that I'm the leader of the pack and that sleeping in our bed is a privilege they all get once they behave properly. In the end I feel guilty and happy at the same time. :)


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