Monday, July 27, 2009

Organizing My Font Folder

I finally made up my mind on how am I going to deal with my ever growing font collection. I organize. Actually it was already organize according to what kind but the number of folders was too overwhelming even with the help of font organizer. Here is my font folders before

and now

much better don't you think? :) Assorted fonts are located in the Old Fonts folder while new download fonts are in the July 2009 folder. Here are what's inside the July 2009 Folder

because I can't remember all the fonts I downloaded before I need to copy and paste the fonts to the Old Fonts Folder to check if  I already have it.

and there it goes, I already have some of the new fonts.  So what I did was  delete the duplicate fonts and burned the remaining new fonts. :)

My scrapping life is much better when I organize my scrap stash according to my needs.


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