Thursday, July 09, 2009

Scrap materials, movie date, and scrapping disaster

Yesterday we (me and hubby) went to Jane's store to pick up some scrap materials (AC 6X6 modern album, UHU glue, Cardstock and 2 memory makers magazine). Our mode of transportation are LRT and MRT. Did I mention before that I love riding train and one of my dreams is to ride a bullet train in japan? I want to experience the sensation of high speed traveling. Oh well enough with my dreams I should deal first with my phobia of airplanes before thinking of bullet train. LOL
After our lunch @ KFC Ayala MRT station, we went to G4 to check the latest movie. I forgot the other films but we chose Terminator salvation.

I didn't had the chance before to watch terminator 1 and 2 so I'm not in the right position to judge if it's good or not. All I know is, I enjoyed the movie because of it's superb special effects. Nothing more.
Last night while hubby is using the PC, I printed one of my latest layout @ 6x6. It took me a couple of trial and errors before I finally figure out how to print it properly and it looks good. :) Instant gratification! hehehe :) Sorry no photos of it because I accidentally squirt my eyes with glue and it hurts. Stupid me, I never learn my lesson. Traditional crafts+Me=Disaster. I always end up messing the project that's the reason I seldom or never do paper scrapbooking.


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