Monday, August 24, 2009

Organizing my Photoshop brush Folder

After cleaning my font folder, I was inspired to continue on cleaning my stash. As you can see below that was my organized "not organized at all" brush folder.
I can't seem to browse all the 400+ brushes that I accumulated over the years of scrapping.
I had to manually view it in photoshop one by one in order to see what I'm looking for. Sometimes my scrapping time is consumed by just browsing my brush folder. It was a very frustrating task. I know you will suggest that, why can't I download a brush manager? I did before but It didn't suit my needs. Instead of making my life easy, the program made it a bit difficult,  so I gave up using it and went back to manual browsing.
Finally after cleaning and deleting unnecessary brushes, I ended up with only this. Much organized and easy to browse don't you think? :)


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