Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sanity and Dogs

It started with one pit bull name Martha but as they say, "Sometimes one just isn't enough". We adopted Nemo , another pit bull (died last year of cancer) Teryo, Tutong and Leni. And now we have 4 dogs plus 4 new puppies. They are cute, innocent and charming

and the next minute will be very stubborn, noisy and ill-mannered

which apparently drives me crazy.Don't get me wrong, we're very happy to have them all. They give us joy and love no human can compare with, but there are times you just want to sit quietly and suddenly out of nowhere one or two of them decided to play with you and when you won't, they bark at you non-stop. Get the picture? Anybody who has more than one dogs can relate to my dilemma. Sometimes I feel I'm losing my mind. I need to have a strong hand to discipline them but also a soft heart to understand that they are dogs and whatever bad things they do, they can't be 100% responsible for it. It's like having a teenager daughter or son who keeps on breaking the rules. They either do it for the fun of it or just needed some attention.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Stress Buster

When I was still in college and stress was always around, I reduced it by wrapping my books and magazines. Yes, that's my stress reliever activity. During those times, I can finish 5 to 10 books depending on how stressed I was. Years later, I still cover my books and magazines. Stress is no longer the reason. Just like scrapping, it became my hobby to wrap. :)

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