Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cooking Disaster

Every cook, even professionals, had one or more cooking disasters. For instance, Bobby Flay told Rachel Ray about his plan to cook Cornish game one Christmas and it didn't go as exactly as planned. In my case, I always messed with scrambled eggs. Yes, you read that right, Scrambled eggs. I never got this right. I become impatient and flip the eggs too early (breaking them into half), Flipping them around and end up burning my hands with the oil, The eggs stick to the pan even with enough oil (see below) It looks like a bald scrambled eggs. :(

Another one is this store-bought Champorado or Chocolate Rice Porridge

After a few minutes it should look like this plus the milk

Thanks to my shaky hands, it end up like this

But despite this disasters, the taste is delicious (compensates for the lousy presentation.) I'm glad my husband doesn't complain. He just eat whatever I prepare. :)


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