Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monster Hunter

Never did I thought that I'm going to be as addicted as my husband playing this game. I usually sit besides hubby and watch him play but there are nights that I can't sleep so I put my head so close to my husband's hand and hear the sound of monster hunter and the miracle happens, I fell asleep. Then one night, hubby asked me to play with Jim's character (He brought home his officemate's psp to upgrade the character) and I said yes although I have no idea what will I do. At first, It was hard and a bit confusing. I could hardly make the character move forward and use his weapon. So many things that I need to familiarize myself with and also multi tasking is a must. In other words, this is not my kind of game. Too complicated for my little brain. LOL

after 1 month of playing, I finally learn how to use weapons and how to stay alive in the game. :) and still learning to stay calm during critical moments. Would you believe that my husband is my support voice every time he sees me panic on the game. He keep on saying, "Babe, relax I'm here." Such a sweet hubby to have.

By the way, watching this made me and my husband excited and salivate at the same time. :)


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