Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to survive 365 project

Last year, I tried 365 and 52 projects and failed miserably. I thought I can do it and pass it with flying colors. I was wrong. I'm not ready for the downside of the project. I didn't plan on how am I going to do it and what things do I need to do before taking the plunge. Learning from that experience, This time around I planned ahead.

  • I browsed several sites for inspirations 
  • I created a special folder in my digiscrap stash for project 365 
  • I shopped for 365 kits (and still shopping for more) 
  • I ready my camera but I don't carry it around 
  • I also have a back up camera for outdoor shooting 
  • I researched about project 365 
  • I announced to my family and friends that I'm going to do this project and I need and expect their cooperation whenever I need it 
  • Find a 365 project buddy or someone you know who also do this project and be inspired with their 365 
  • Don't stress yourself running around the house finding something to photograph. This is about a year of your life, emotions, and other things in between. If things doesn't mean anything to you, don't shoot 
  • I'm doing 365 not because I want to 100% improve my photography skill but to help me remember things that might slip on my mind 
  • It's OK once in a while to entertain the thought of not doing a shoot because "I'm too lazy" just after the thought remind yourself why you're doing the project in the first place and why you need to stick with it 
  • In the 9 days of 365, there is one day that I thought I'm going to have a day without a photo then I fell asleep and when I wake up I saw my husband still playing in my pc and got me the idea of photographing him while playing. I was still half asleep, lights are off, curtains blocking the light from the window and I'm on an awkward sitting position when I decided to shoot this. But I did it and I'm happy with it :) 

  • Don't make it as a daily task because it will become a burden once the initial excitement is gone. Do it for memory keeping. For example, If I think cooking is a daily task that I need to do, then I'll get tired doing it. Cooking for me is my way of expressing my love for my family and friends and how they make me happy just by cooking their favorite dishes. 
  • Enjoy your photo-a-day that time and reflect at the end of the day 
  • Take a rest after shooting then upload the photos to your pc 
  • Lower your expectations. I don't expect to be a better photographer after this, but I expect to learn and appreciate more of those little things that happen in my life 
  • Life should be the center of this project not the reason to stop and give up because it gets in the way 
  • Don't think, just let it flow. Plan the project but not the photos your going to take. Be spontaneous.

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