Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cooking Challenge Update

Last month I blogged about challenging myself to cook my way to two of my favorite recipe source. I had a hard time deciding which to use. Luckily, My friend Vera read my blog and leave me with a very helpful comment. :) I followed her suggestion and tried my very first challenge recipe from Larousse Gastronomique.

Aubergines or eggplant au gratin a la cataline

It was a success and a disaster at the same time. Hubby said it could passed as a appetizer but not as a main course or partnered with rice. It is too bland for his taste and he find it a bit weird to eat eggplant with boiled eggs.

Over all the verdict is OK but it should taste even better if I added some salt, pepper, sugar and a bit more melted butter. I guess our taste buds are so used to classic way of cooking that we have a hard time accepting new techniques. Maybe we prefer the full-proof dish over new dishes because we already know what to expect. Well, that’s the reason I decided to try this cooking challenge. I want to tickle my and hubby’s taste buds with new dishes. something that will make us feel ecstatic over a dish. :)

Before baking

After Baking


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