Friday, April 15, 2011


  • I feel blessed to have a family, relatives and friends who are very supportive. 
  • For having a husband who not only understand my emotion but love me for what I am and for what I am not. 
  • I’m enjoying the project life process. No guilt feelings if I don’t scrap for a long time. 
  • I started collecting kawaii erasers. So darn cute! 
  • Getting addicted to apps. Hubby enjoy the games I downloaded while I love the organizer and the period calendar. 
  • Once a day hubby and I drink cinnamon coffee. I’m a tea drinker and I never thought I’m going to enjoy coffee. 
  • I love waking up and be greeted with my 3 dogs. 
  • I heart brunch with hubby. :) 
  • After more than two years of being together, I still love and refused to upgrade my powershot A570 IS. 
  • I love going to the market and using my recyclable bag. Less plastic waste. 
  • I heart Mr. clean detergent powder and Surf fabric conditioner. They make my laundry day enjoyable. :) 
  • I watch evening news before I sleep. 
  • I always consider “WE” instead of “I” when making a decision. 
  • I love catching up with my friends life through facebook while controversial news, I read twitter. 
  • I practice not saying “I can’t do it”instead I ask myself “Why not?”. 
  • I realized that if you take care of your gadgets really well, You can save more on repairing and upgrading. :) 
  • For me, Twitter is for sharing what you are doing right now, Blog is for telling your stories and Facebook is for updating your friends on what you twit and blogged. :) 
  • I don’t feel the need to buy a sala set if we usually used our dining set to entertain visitors. I love the concept of friends+dining table+good food+good conversations. 
  • I love going to my parents home. 
  • Learning not to fit it all in and enjoying life at the same time. 
  • There are moments in my day that I step back and think about our life and how I want to remember it. 
  • Learning the difference between “surviving” and “living” a day. 
  • Being more engaged to peter, family and friends when it’s that time. 
  • I don’t and will never claim that I know my husband 100%. Life is a constant change. Nothing stays the same. I may know that he is like this yesterday but today and tomorrow I can’t say he’ll be the same. 
  • It pays to know a bit of everything. 
  • I still don’t like the current administration. :( 
  • Organizing is for things only. 
  • I do all my household chores when hubby is at work or sleeping. The remaining hours in our day is spend in relaxing and doing nothing.


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