Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yummy Finds

If you don't like the smell and taste of Persian Cuisine then you will not like this Cheese spread with cumin seeds. It's an acquired taste. Hubby doesn't like it at first but he got the hang of it and got addicted. :)

Whoopie pie of Starbucks. I'm a fan of their food than their coffee drinks. Who could resist those cute face, one bite and I'm hooked.

Batac Longganisa. Thanks to my dear friend T,  I was able to taste this oh so yummy longganisa. :)

Tina's Leche Flan. This is to die for. Really. Hubby and I can consume this in 5-10 minutes. I order this in bulk and believe me it doesn't stay longer in our fridge. One spoonful of this and your hooked. I also give this as a gift or if we have visitors I serve this.

I'm not into cookies but Casino brand from France changed me. This cookies are affordable but taste so good.

Pistachio gelato by Amici. Anything that has pistachio I will eat it especially if it's a dessert. Love their version.

Kiwi. It looks bad on the outside but on the inside it tastes sort of sour but its a good flavor. It taste like strawberries. Love it. :)

I'm lactose intolerant but somehow I'm able to consume milk as long as it's mixed with tea. That's why I love bubble tea. Recently, I was able to taste Chatime brown rice green milk tea. It was a weird combination but I love it!

Couscous doesn't have much flavor on its own; it picks up the flavor of whatever you cook it with. it tastes nutty.. sweeter than rice.. but still very bland..

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