Friday, July 25, 2014

How I organize our bills

I'm addicted to organizing my stuff (scrapbook suppliesdigital filesphotoshop brushesfonts and hubby's email) because I'm forgetful and anyone in her right mind would agree with me when I say that, the most irritating thing that can happen to you is when you're looking for something and for some reason you can't see it because you forget where you put it. I'm trying my best to avoid that by organizing my most use things (including monthly bills) I learned this nifty trick from my mom. She organized all our monthly bills for easy reference and when hubby and I move out from my parent's home, I started organizing all our bills plus all the important receipts.

As soon as our bills arrives, I pin it to my cork board so I can easily see it when I'm ready to pay.  I choose a specific day for me to pay all our bills. All paid bills are then filed (latest bill first) by doing this we're able to monitor our electric consumption and predict how much I need to put aside each month. The best part is, meralco annually give us an incentive for being a good payer ( no previous balance and on time) :) :) :)


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