Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend brunch with hubby

Friday is my favorite day not because of Friday night with friends (been there, done that) but after Friday here comes Saturday & Sunday, lazy days with hubby. We sleep and wake up late, spend most of our time in bed playing monster hunter while watching TV and the best of all having brunch with him as early as 10 am or as late as 01 pm depend on what I'm serving that day and how long will it takes me to cook it.

Toasted bread with eggs & tomatoes

Boiled eggs with marinated longganisa, fried bananas & rice

When hubby is too hungry to wait I serve him pancakes with sausage, bacon or ham with syrup. (hubby can only indulge with sweets during week ends due to health reason)

while I drizzle mine with a little pancake & mint syrup and topped it with crushed peppermint candies. Heaven in my plate. Yum! :)

during week days or work days (when time is very limited to even have a decent breakfast) he eat the same sandwich he brought for work that day.

I eat my breakfast after he left. Whatever is available in our refrigerator (mostly last night's leftover) tuna macaroni, egg pimiento, lemon cake and milk tea with old rose jelly

or I fix myself with a bowl of oatmeal with banana & raisins.


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