Friday, August 29, 2014

Scrap Supplies

I love receiving happy mail packages but economy is hard these days and being a wise buyer is the new "in" thing. I rather buy scrap supplies that is classic in style and designs than jump into the latest and greatest. Let me rephrase that statement of mine. What I'm trying to say is, I do love and buy latest trends but not all of them. I have a small collection of washi tapes, resin cabochon, paper clips and tags that I sell in my shop

What I do is divide my supplies into two. 1.) for my own consumption and 2.) for the shop. It's easy to give in to beautiful things. I'm lucky to have a supportive and spoiler hubby but I don't want to abuse the generosity and choose to be wise every time I purchase supplies.I only buy during: 

 Store sales

crafter/scrapper destash


I'm able to enjoy shopping without breaking our bank and at the same time sell my extra supplies without breaking someone else's bank. :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Leftover Pasta

It's easy to know when I'm sharing recipes that I created using whatever are available in my pantry/fridge/freezer just by it's name. We're trying (hubby & I) to get through several batch of different leftovers. My relatives from the province send us a huge quantity of food because of the town fiesta 2 weeks ago. Our supply of embutido alone is too much for two people but because I hate wasting (especially food), I need to be extra creative in the kitchen. 

4 garlic cloves, minced
1 white onion, chopped
Leftover Embutido, sliced then crumbled
Chorizo Pamplona, sliced then minced
Basil leaves
Chili flakes
Chicharon powder
Sugar, pepper and salt to taste
250 grams cooked pasta

Cook pasta according to package direction. Drain. Set aside. Heat oil then sauté garlic and onion for about 1-2 minutes. Add chorizo pamplona and Embutido and cook until it changes its color. Add pasta. Add the rest of the ingredients. Season with salt, pepper and sugar. Cook for another 5 minutes then serve.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Calendar app I used for blogging

CuttyCal (Sync with Google Calendar™) - Staccato – A very basic monthly diary application that I used to organized my weekly blogpost. Basically, you just need to click a date then add your calendar entry. Pretty simple don't you think? Here's a sample of my calendar last week. I just add the title and start from there. Sometimes, I add a few notes to remind me of what I need to add to the blogpost. Very straight forward app. Just the way I like it. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dolci Coffee Jelly

I was actually looking for a jelly powder in coffee flavor but instead I saw this and got intrigue and for Php. 49.00 (300g), I take this home. It wasn't the coffee jelly I'm looking for because it's made of Nata de Coco that is flavored and colored to resemble black coffee but it's totally fine. Hubby & I love it so much that it became one of our regular pantry staple. 

I am not affiliated with any of the products and services featured on this blog. My opinions are personal, unless specified. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Linky Love August 25

Every Monday, I'll be sharing some of my favorite links I found over the weekend. I hope the roundup inspires you. If ever I try them myself, I'm going to share it here.

From the top left:
  • DIY magnets: Ranson notes is such a cute addition to your fridge magnet collection. Kids will definitely enjoy leaving you sweet notes with it.
  • Such a fun, educational and cute idea for kids and scrabble enthusiast, scrabble tile coasters
  • Super duper cute!!! I imagine the joy it will bring to people when they see not one but several funny faces planter lining up your hallway. This DIY is also perfect for a whimsical garden just like this Button stepping stones
  • A photo initial art is a good DIY project that you can make and give it as a gift. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lazy Pinakbet

Pinakbet or pakbet is an indigenous Filipino dish from the northern region of the Philippines. It is made up of mixed vegetables, pork and shrimp paste. My version (which always on the lazy side) used pre-packed pinakbet mix (available in most wet market or grocery) bottled bagoong paste and pork giniling or minced pork. 

1 pre-packed pinakbet mix
62 grams pork giniling*
1 onion, minced
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tbsp shrimp paste or more depend on your taste
sugar & pepper to taste

In a pan, saute garlic and onion until translucent. Add pork giniling and cook until browned. Add pinakbet mix then mix together. Add shrimp paste, sugar and pepper then cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until vegetables are cooked. Serve with steam rice. 

*pork meat is always in portion because I'm having a hard time digesting large amount of meat in a dish. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hunt's Pork and Beans

When I was a kid Pork and Beans puzzled me. I always wonder how come it was called "pork and beans" when you only get 1 tiny piece of pork and tons of beans. It should be called "beans with a piece of pork!". Despite of the mystery, I still eat it. I love the mushiness plus it tastes good when you add it to a steaming bowl of rice. 

Eventually, I outgrow my love for Pork & Beans due to the fact that it never change it's ratio. 1 pc of meat + tons of beans. I want more of what they claim to have. 

Years later, thanks to my dear hubby, my love for Hunt's Pork and Beans resurrected. I'm happy that they added new flavors, Chili Beef & Beans I love adding it to my Nacho Chips with homemade salsa recipe and Pork BBQ & Beans ,too sweet for my taste though but still good compared to the original flavor.

I am not affiliated with any of the products and services featured on this blog. My opinions are personal, unless specified. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Linky Love August 18

Every Monday, I'll be sharing some of my favorite links I found over the weekend. I hope the roundup inspires you. If ever I try them myself, I'm going to share it here. 

From the top left:
  • Button stepping stones is one of those project you want to make because of it's whimsical look in your garden. 
  • Hubby brings his own packed sandwich at work and this lunch labels would add a personal touch on his packed lunch.
  • Transforming a regular hanger into something else like this Jewelry hanger is really genius. It saves space and the jewelry looks secured.
  • I would really love to eat ice cream in a bag during summer season. It might look sticky and messy but I don't care, looks really cool to me. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Podcast Round Up

Some of the best tips and tricks I've known I got it from listening to podcast. It was quite addicting because of the huge selection and topics you can choose from and it's the perfect companion when your doing almost anything. I usually listen when I'm blogging or before I sleep or when I can't sleep. my grown-up version of lullaby. Here's my favorites and current podcast I'm listening to. 

  • Podcasters are 3 Monster Hunter enthusiasts sharing insights and strategies for the Monster Hunter video-game series. We (Hubby & I) with few of our gamer friends are so addicted to this game that everything that has to do with it we also dig it. We can spent a whole day just playing and talking (just like what the podcasters are doing) there are tons of topic and strategies to cover in order to capture a monster. Subscribe on iTunes for Monster Hunter Podcast
  • The Paperclipping Roundtable is a popular free audio talk show for scrapbookers. Every week they have a panel of well-loved scrapbookers like Ali Edwards, Stacy Julian, Becky Higgins and many others that discuss scrapbooking and beyond. I highly recommend this if you are a scrapbooker just like me. 
  • For Army Reserve Soldier Michael Cross, the world as he knew it ended in an instant. One minute, he's in college, and in the next, rioters are roaming the highway around him, breaking into cars, and literally tearing people apart. This is the day the dead walk. This is the world of We're Alive - A "Zombie" Story of survival. Join our survivors as they band together, struggle to fortify a safe haven known as the Tower, and discovers that zombies are far from the worst thing in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles where the rules of human decency no longer apply. Little food. Little water. Little hope. Who is lucky enough to say, "We're Alive?" This is one of the best podcast in my opinion. The power of sound and "what you can't see"  are very much utilized here in a very powerful way. I suggest you listen to it at night for a full experience. 
  • ELISE GETS CRAFTY is inspiring and uplifting. Perfect for the creative soul. Elise digs deep and talks about the behind the scenes life of being a small business owner, blogger and artist. I got tons of ideas & tips on how to run my online store just by listening to her. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In my Diary...

Dear diary,

Last Tuesday, I was able to finish The pilot's wife. It was a thought provoking novel. I was devastated with the revelation of infidelity and lies with the husband, the pilot. The feeling continue when I saw today my cactus plant didn't survive. I was heart broken, I wish it was made of paper mache. If only I still have flour I might even do a bit of baking today to keep me busy.

Speaking of flour, hubby will accompany me this Saturday to my favorite baking store, One of my happy place. And before we go to the grocery, we'll drop by at Pan de Manila for our jars of peanut butter & coco jam. I also asked him if we can stop by at Ace Hardware to check the paint's prices so I will know how much I need to budget for the painting of our home jut like what I'm doing with our bills.

If Saturday is going to be busy for hubby and I, Sunday is no different. Before I leave for a quick family reunion, Hubby and I will enjoy our weekly brunch and prepare him our favorite snack so our friend B and him could have something to on munch while playing monster hunter.

Nacho Chips with homemade salsa

A simple snack that you can prepare within 10 minutes. A bit of chopping (less time when you have food processor) and mixing and your ready to munch on this.

Big Berta Nacho chips
Cheddar cheese, grated
Cheese sauce
Hunt's chili beef & beans

For the Salsa:
Tomatoes, chopped & seeded
White onion, chopped
Wansoy, chopped
salt & pepper to taste

In a serving bowl, mix together tomatoes, onion and wansoy. Season with salt & pepper. Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour to blend flavors. Mix and serve with the remaining ingredients. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Pilot's Wife

A Pilot's Wife is taught to be prepared for the late-night knock at the door. But when Kathryn Lyons receives word that a plane flown by her husband, Jack, exploded near the coast of Ireland, she confronts the unfathomable-one startling revelation at a time. Soon drawn into a maelstrom of publicity fueled by rumors that Jack led a secret life, Kathryn sets out to learn who her husband really was, whatever that knowledge might cost. Her search propels this taut, impassioned novel as it movingly explores the question, How well can we ever really know another person?
I really liked this book more than I thought I would*. It was haunting, yet realistic tale of a wife whose life changed forever by a knock on her door. It takes you on a journey through a woman's self-discovery as she struggles with her husband's death and the reality that she didn't know him like she thought she did. It is a portrayal of a strong woman who sets out to learn who her husband really was while at the same time working to protect her daughter and helping her through this trying time.

Can you ever really know someone? Can we ever fully know the people we love? Can we trust them to be open and honest? Anita Shreve's novel will leave you wondering just how much you know about the people closest to you.

* I love it more because I only bought it for 10.00 at booksale

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pan de Manila Peanut Butter

I'm not a peanut butter person due to the fact that most peanut butter is too sweet for my taste. It's really hard to find the perfect blend. I would love to make it homemade but my blender already gave up on me and the last homemade spread I made was cookie butter.

We had no choice at this moment (until i had enough budget for a new food processor) but to consume store-bought peanut butter. I visited several groceries (SM, Rustan's & Landmark) but failed miserably. They have imported and local brands but I already tried them. I didn't like it. I once bought a local brand at SM but they no longer carry Ehje's. So sad. :(

I could definitely order from them directly but I want the product to be available to every grocery store near our home just in case we run out of stock. Laguna is far from us and online buying is out because of shipping time. I don't want to be bothered with trivial problems (the package got loss, etc)

Can you sense the desperation for a good peanut butter? I am desperate because you see hubby cannot consume a huge amount of sugar due to his health and you know how guys behave when no one is looking. They eat like there's no tomorrow and finishing a bottle of peanut butter will no longer be a surprise. It is a done deal for him.

So when I read online that Pan de Manila is also carrying a good peanut butter, I rushed to the nearest branch and bought the largest size. It was love at first taste. Perfect for our taste I even recommend it to my mom and she also loves it too. As of this writing, there's a small amount of peanut butter in the jar and will be gone before this week ends.

I am not affiliated with any of the products and services featured on this blog. My opinions are personal, unless specified.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Linky Love August 11

Every Monday I'll be sharing some of my favorite links I found over the weekend. I hope the roundup inspires you. If ever I try them myself, I'm going to share it here. 

From the top left:

  • Scratch off bucket list Summer ended here but to those who live where summer is on its peak, this is the perfect way to reveal your bucket list. Kids will love scratching off your list of fun things to do. Tonia also offer a blank bucket list that you can fill-in with your own to-do activities. 
  • This is  so stinkin' cute Papier machi cacti! I have a cactus plant which is one of the easiest plant to grow and maintain. They can be grown in any sunny, well-drained area and require little maintenance. They make excellent house plants much more if the cactus is made of paper!
  • This is an awesome Grass rug that you can bring anywhere inside your home. 
  • I love to give homemade goodies to family & friends but one of my dilemma is where to put it. This DIY mini cake shop gift box looks easy to make and only need few supplies that I already have. 

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