Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hunt's Pork and Beans

When I was a kid Pork and Beans puzzled me. I always wonder how come it was called "pork and beans" when you only get 1 tiny piece of pork and tons of beans. It should be called "beans with a piece of pork!". Despite of the mystery, I still eat it. I love the mushiness plus it tastes good when you add it to a steaming bowl of rice. 

Eventually, I outgrow my love for Pork & Beans due to the fact that it never change it's ratio. 1 pc of meat + tons of beans. I want more of what they claim to have. 

Years later, thanks to my dear hubby, my love for Hunt's Pork and Beans resurrected. I'm happy that they added new flavors, Chili Beef & Beans I love adding it to my Nacho Chips with homemade salsa recipe and Pork BBQ & Beans ,too sweet for my taste though but still good compared to the original flavor.

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