Thursday, August 14, 2014

In my Diary...

Dear diary,

Last Tuesday, I was able to finish The pilot's wife. It was a thought provoking novel. I was devastated with the revelation of infidelity and lies with the husband, the pilot. The feeling continue when I saw today my cactus plant didn't survive. I was heart broken, I wish it was made of paper mache. If only I still have flour I might even do a bit of baking today to keep me busy.

Speaking of flour, hubby will accompany me this Saturday to my favorite baking store, One of my happy place. And before we go to the grocery, we'll drop by at Pan de Manila for our jars of peanut butter & coco jam. I also asked him if we can stop by at Ace Hardware to check the paint's prices so I will know how much I need to budget for the painting of our home jut like what I'm doing with our bills.

If Saturday is going to be busy for hubby and I, Sunday is no different. Before I leave for a quick family reunion, Hubby and I will enjoy our weekly brunch and prepare him our favorite snack so our friend B and him could have something to on munch while playing monster hunter.


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