Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spoiled Children

Yes, we are spoiled children and the culprit is our papa. He with his other siblings grew up enjoying seafood everyday. They had a stall at the market selling different kinds of fish and clams. My Papa helped my grandfather in managing their small business. He was expose early and he passed it on to us.

When my parents move here in manila, My papa still managed to spoiled us by having contacts selling hard-to-find food. Eating crabs, lobsters, prawns, tuna, blue marlin, deer’s meat, clam and scallop became a regular food to us. We are spoiled at home. We enjoy food through my papa’s influence. We feel bless not for having all the materials we want but the privileged and opportunity to enjoy life’s greatest pleasure…eating good food.

Today, is one of those ordinary Sunday my family have. My Papa brought home again a large batch of Ulang.

After boiling it, my sister asked me the recipe of our spicy garlic sauce that I usually mix either with crabs or prawns. I enumerated the procedures to my sister and went home with two pieces of this orange babies. :)

At around 1 pm hubby arrived and we enjoyed another hearty meal. :) He even uttered that we may die smiling while eating this. LOL. I think if that happens I don’t mind going to seafood heaven. ;)


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