Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grocery Haul

Instead of sharing a once a week grocery finds, I decided to post it after our grocery shopping. Our grocery is good for two people (hubby and I) and our food supplies exactly last for two weeks. We avoid food waste and keep a stockpile of items that we use on a regular basis. We live near a wet market that's why I don't stock up on fresh vegetables and meat. I buy them daily. 

To Try Items:

Balducci #55 Spirali Pasta (51.95)

Lactasoy Soymilk (31.65)


Regular/Pantry/Stockpile/Favorite Items:

Green Kiwi (75.00)

I know buying all those sachet packs will not do our environment any good, but wasting too much food every month will not do us good also. That's why I buy pantry items in small portion. 

JY Mustard Powder (18.65)

OK Processed Filled Cheese (32.70)

Surf Blossom Fresh

Downy Parfum Collection: Passion 

Update on the "To Try Items" from our last Grocery Haul

Pampanga's Best Mighty Burger Patties (47.80) 
We love this brand of burger. Taste good and doesn't shrink that much when you cook it.

Ka Gerry's Farm Hamburger Patties (49.30) 
I didn't like it. The taste is more of a homemade skinless longganisa than a burger. More on the peppery taste. 

Philadelphia Cream Cheese (145.70) 
Love it but a bit expensive compare to other imported cream cheese brand. 

Mountain Top Strawberry Preserves (115.50)

I Didn't like it. Too sweet for my taste. The jam looks horrible after refrigeration. It's hard to spread on bread because the consistency is far from the usual jam texture.  

Note: We had a few stocks left from the previous grocery haul because my parents sent us cooked food.


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