I Suck At Girls by Justin Halpern

September 25, 2014

Last Saturday, We (hubby & I) was at The 35th Manila International Book fair 2014 to do a scrapbooking demo with Stick-ee under National Bookstore unfortunately due to some unavoidable circumstances, I was not able to do a demo and we end up enjoying ourselves roaming around and checking book deals. I was overwhelmed and we leave the fair without anything.

The following day, I went to Market! Market! to buy cold cuts for hubby's packed lunch. I dropped by at National Bookstore and luckily found this book by Justin Halpern, I Suck at Girls it was a random picked on their SALE items. Before I read this, I have no idea who Justin Halpern is. It felt like I'm living under the rock. He is the American author of the Twitter feed "Shit My Dad Says" and the best-selling book Sh*t My Dad Says.

This book is about Justin's misadventures with women from early life until he proposes to the woman who is now his wife. What a fun read! This book was laugh-out-loud funny. Seriously. And I almost never laugh out loud when reading. Justin's dad is hilarious with his foul mouth and words of wisdom. This book had the perfect blend of wit, charm and profanity that I really enjoy. Too bad it was quick and easy read.

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