Monday, September 01, 2014

Linky Love September 01

Every Monday, I'll be sharing some of my favorite links I found over the weekend. I hope the roundup inspires you. If ever I try them myself, I'm going to share it here. 

From the top left:

  • I badly needed a birthday tracker tag because I forgot the birthday of one of my dearest friend. I know, how is that even possible??? I blame my memory for that. 
  • Quotation on wood is so cool. Would love to have this in our wall. 
  • I'm not really a Washi* tape addict. I only have 16 rolls compare to others who have hundreds but despite of that, I also have a hard time finding the perfect, inexpensive dispenser to keep my tapes from rolling when I'm using it. 
  • The white metal letter holder looks wonderful already but when you add those lovely colors it became shabby chic. 

*Washi sampler are available in my shop.Why sampler instead of roll? When you buy sampler it allows washi tape beginners to own more designs without spending too much. Each pattern will be hand rolled on a punched popsicle stick for easy storage.


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