Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Sriracha (Thai: ศรีราชา, [sǐː.rāː.tɕʰāː] ( )) is a type of hot sauce or chili sauce. A regular dipping sauce in Thailand. I can't remember where or when I first heard about Sriracha. All I know is I want to try it and see what's all the buzz about. Now we know. It's more than just a simple hot sauce I tried before.This bottle has made us very happy. I particularly like it on soup dishes while hubby almost on everything. It brings out the adventurous foodie in us. This stuff is amazingly addictive with a garlicky sweet hot yumminess that's hard to describe. The uses are innumerable. It is not a conveyer of great heat, but its texture and flavor are incomparable. I wish they offered this sauce in packets, so that we could carry it everywhere we go.

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