Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer Memories with Fireflies

As I browse the net for my linky love post I stumbled a project that made me reminisce those summer nights I spent in my mom's hometown. Those cherished memories of spotting and catching fireflies during warm summer evenings and running around in circles, enjoying one of life's simple joys.

To me at that time and for always, Fireflies are fascinating creatures that brings a sense of magic and mystery. It's beauty can't be captured by anything except my little hands. I tightly cupped my hands together then catch them carefully then I delicately open a small crack and peek inside my hands and watch the beauty of nature. It was breathtaking and the feeling of firefly walking around inside my hands, is beyond extraordinary. Summer really is a wonderful season just thinking of the memories I created during those times made me want to be a kid again.


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