Saturday, October 04, 2014

Homeware Haul

Besides grocery shopping my other favorite thing to do every 15 days is to go around Landmark's homeware section to check on their latest sale items. For the record, I don't visit them during major SALE days because I hate crowds plus it's so hard to really shop with so many people and the horror of longer lines at the cashier is scary enough for me. So, grocery+homeware +craft supplies (for me & for the shop) shopping are done in one day. Saves me a lot of time and energy.

Going back to my haul, I saw these super cute mugs from my last visit but at that time it was not on sale. I know, Php 49.75 (1 us dollar) is fair enough and it is already a good deal but my "thrifty side" keep on nagging me to wait and be patient. It will be on sale next time....and guess what? it did go on sale for Php 35.00 ( .78 cent) and of course I can't resist that! The mugs are large enough for pasta dishes or soup. Fits my two hands perfectly and the color is so me. love it. so loving it. 

Besides the mugs, kitchen linens (Php 59.00 or 1.32 dollars for 3 pcs) & potholder set (Php 100.00 or 2.24 dollars for 2 pcs) was also on sale. I grab 1 set of each and I also bought rocks (Php 29.75 or .65 cent) for my small aquarium. 


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