Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reading Rituals

This might sound a bit weird to you but I really can't start reading without doing this so called "rituals" of mine. It's like taking a shower before going to work. Well, of course I only do this with print books. The book needs to be cover with plastic. The reason for that is, I don't like my book to be super worn out even if I bought them second-hand. I read mostly in our bed but sometimes if I'm going somewhere that requires waiting (doctor's clinic,etc.) I carry it around.

I leave the price tags because I love to see how much I save and where did I purchased it. 

I used stickers to write date of start and date of finish. Motivates me to read more.

then stick it in front of the book. This way I can easily see it and inspires me to finish the book. 

by doing this I was able to track how long it take me to finish a book and how many did I read within a given time.


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