Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week In The Life 2014 -Completed Pages

It took me awhile to complete this project because sickness just won't leave us alone. Last week, hubby got sick again. Hubby woke up with joint pains and fever. I was really scared so I asked him to take a sick leave and go to the hospital immediately. The doctor requested a blood extraction just to be sure it's not dengue or dangerous diseases. The doctor suspected that it might be due to high uric acid (hubby went overboard eating Ginisang Munggo the previous night) so when the result came out we were stunned. Hubby's uric acid was normal and the diagnosis was due to stress.The doctor recommended 2 days rest and as of this writing hubby is 100% healthy again. Yey! :) 

For my opening page, I cut the page protector in half then attached a tab from Pink Paislee - Pen Pals Collection - Ephemera pack. I used the "everyday" stamp from Ordinary Days by Ali Edwards with Tsukineko VersaFine Instant Dry Pigment Ink Onyx Black and to emphasized that the project is WITL, I added Mark's metallic black camera washi tape and hand write the date. I got the quote card from Pinterest. The cute typewriter is again from Pink Paislee - Pen Pals Collection - Ephemera pack and the "Life is Good" stamp also from Ordinary Days by Ali Edwards.

The transparent tag & camera from Pink Paislee - Hello Sunshine Collection - Ephemera and the Hello chipboard sticker from Pink Paislee - Pen Pals Collection - Chipboard Stickers The gray arrow & "the best day ever" chipboard sticker from Pink Paislee - Hello Sunshine Collection - Chipboard Stickers

I collage my photos using ACDSEE Photo Editor, Small alpha sticker from American Crafts Remarks Small Alphabet Sticker Book, Hannah and Henry Black, Ephemera from 
Pink Paislee - Switchboard Collection while the chipboard candle and party hat are from 
American Crafts Party Day Embellishment Chipboard

I used my ever reliable We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile - Corner Chomper Tool and also did a bit of machine stitching in all my journaling cards. 

Thanks to my dear hubby he help me by taking his photos using his camera. 

I really enjoy this project and would try again next year. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What do you feel when you look back?

The other day, I posted my finished Week in the life pages in Facebook and one of my friend comment: What do you feel when you look back? I answered her with "I feel really good because I have an awful memory when it comes to remembering things. I need something/someone to remind me how wonderful life is." then I ponder again and made me realized a couple of things:

I may feel bored at times with documenting but I seriously enjoy the creative process (you can purchase the 24x16 print here of this beautiful comic)

and goal setting. These two reasons keeps me going. I literally get high (no, I never did drugs before and I'm not planning to do it now or in the future) but maybe the adrenalin is the same (I'm purely guessing here) the thought of new projects or shop update really boost my mood and energy. I love the idea of setting and achieving my goals. 
Photos of the past present and future. Remembering those awkward poses we did using film camera and more awkward and sometimes embarrassing poses from someone else's digital camera/phone today. I just love taking pictures and printing them. It's hard to describe the emotion I feel when I see and feel our memories in my hands. It leaves me breathless & smitten. It was amazing. 
Our story matters to US. It's about Him and Me. I meet him when I was 5. We played, grown old and got separated by place and time but our hearts never forgot, Time lead us back to each other. I do believe in fairy tales, dreams & romantic happy endings but I'm not delusional. Life sucks & unfair sometimes and I'm really glad we shared so much history to fall back when the going gets tough. I live the length and width of my life with someone who makes it effortless, painless, trouble-free and uncomplicated. A love story that I secretly pray & wish for and now documenting it day by day.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Grocery Haul

Our grocery is good for two people (hubby and I) and our food supplies exactly last for two weeks. We avoid food waste and keep a stockpile of items that we use on a regular basis. We live near a wet market that's why I don't stock up on fresh vegetables and meat. I buy them daily. Note: All price in Philippine peso (1 US dollar equals 45.02 Philippine peso)

 (Left to right) Ulalammm ready to eat ulam (15.75), Mang Tomas All-around salsa (9.75), Black pepper ground (37.95), Basil  leaves (8.50)

Julie's Oat 25 cookies with free Julie's Peanut butter sandwich (Buy 2 take 1) 133.40

(Left to right then above) Divella Couscous (90.75), Balducci Maccheroni no.32 (51.95), Balducci Spirali no. 55 (51.95), Ideal Spaghettini (45.75)

Australia Harvest Rolled Oats (65.65)

Santi's Chorizo Pamplona price depend on grams
(Left to right) McCormick prepared Mustard (55.75), OK filled cheese (32.70), My San Sky flakes (44.15)

Green Kiwi (78.00)

(Left to right) Romaine (55.30) and Endive (50.90) 

and of course I buy baking supplies such as: Cake, Bread & All-purpose flour; Butter &  Margarine; Baking powder, Confectioner's Sugar, Cocoa powder & Chocolate chips.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Julie's Oat 25

I know I stated here that instead of sharing our grocery finds individually, I will share it in a bi-monthly post. Guess what? I flaked on it big time (I'm sorry) not that I intentionally do it but our previous grocery shopping was done at night (I don't recommend this) and by the time I'm back at home I was already exhausted and no longer have the energy to set up my grocery items for photo session. I just want to put them in our pantry as soon as possible so I can rest. I'll try my very best next time. Speaking of next time, Julie's Oat 25 cookies was part of my latest grocery haul (stay tuned, I still have a few photos for editing) and it was a really good deal @ Php 133.40 or $3.00 
You get 10 convi-packs (3 pcs per packet) 

It's lacto vegetarian and not too sweet for my taste. The cookies are crunchy and believe me it's quite addicting once you started it. I usually have it as a dessert or a quick snack in the morning while surfing the net. The perfect dunking partner for a glass of cold soymilk

Monday, November 17, 2014

Project Life Spread July-October 2014

It's been ages since I last share my project life spread. You can check my 2012 & 2013 in my old blog. I wasn't able to update the 2013 links but I was able to finished it. :)
Every year, I give hubby a anniversary card. This year, I found a super duper cute card (Look at that luscious lips) that can fit my Pl pocket. I also love the old couple that I cut from a 12x12 paper. Sorry I forgot the brand of the paper.I'm not a red sauce spaghetti kind of girl but when we do our bi-monthly grocery shopping, Hubby and I eat @ Jollibee. Ordering the same thing again and again. Never getting tired of the taste. 
If my memory serves me right, I think I printed the Dog employees 2 or 3 times already. It was hilarious and I can't help but find ways to incorporate it to my spread. The picture of my husband+his crazy office mate was epic. LOL. 
I was too excited to set up our first Christmas tree and I can't wait to add decorations next week. :)
Playing monster hunter with our friends, A scrapbooking demo and a bad weather.
I'm lucky to have a supportive husband and relatives. For taking the time to see me do a scrapbooking demo (unfortunately due to some unavoidable circumstances, I was not able to do a demo that day), A simple birthday lunch for my sister's birthday, Lechon party @ hubby's office. He won a new Samsung camera! so cool. :)
Hubby's birthday celebration and playing monster hunter with our friends

Sunday, November 16, 2014

It isn't Easy Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy+parenting are the topics I rarely talk about publicly. Not that I don't have anything to share about it, It's just that I'm not qualified to talk about it. You see, my husband and I have been trying (on and off) to have a baby and at some point I lose interest and just accepted our situation. I realized that I don't want to spend my days getting obsessed with something I'm not sure I'm prepared for. I believe that kids shouldn't be an accident or a social requirement. During our early years of marriage, I always got those nasty questions/comments:

When are you getting pregnant? 
Why are you not pregnant? 
What are you waiting for, your not getting any younger? 
Aren't you jealous of your______ for having a kid already? 
No one will take care of you when your older 
Hurry up!!! 
Your marriage is not complete without kids 
You will regret it later if you don't act on it now! 
Your husband might have an affair if you don't procreate now (that's the nastiest comment ever) 

Most of the time I just smile back and answered "Wala pa eh" (None as of the moment) people get it and stopped asking but there are people who keep on pushing and that made me really annoyed. It isn't okay to ask someone when is she going to have kids or her reasons why she's taking longer that the rest. Why does everyone need to follow the same pattern? Why do they need to know? My theory is, maybe the questions/comments justify their own life choices and not the woman in question. 

I know having a child can be very rewarding, but I feel our life is rewarding in other ways and I'm proud of it. I’m currently at peace with the idea of just the two of us+our pets (3 dogs and a fish). Having kids equals unending self sacrifice (that's according to my mom & friends) and for that, I admire their courage and strength. I can only wish and hope for a miracle but for now, We enjoy what we have. Life's too short. We want to live the length and width of it with or without a kid. :) :) :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I hate being sick

It started with an innocent kiss from my husband who happens to come home Friday night feeling unwell. I woke up the following day with cold and we had to cancel plans that weekend. Birthday party of a friend's son and grocery with hubby. We spent our weekend + Monday in bed getting better. Being sick is a bummer. Taking care of someone who is sick while you are sick is double bummer. It sucks big time. When hubby went to work the following day, I was left to clean and manage our house. This is the number one reason why I hate being sick. If you are living alone or with your husband only and there's nobody else to call to mend your mess (we have 3 dogs, plants and a fish to take care of) this is the worst time to be sick. My level of patience, logic, kindness and tolerance are so low that I can snap any time. Flu turns me into someone irritable to be with. I don't want to be that way but seriously, it's hard when I'm not OK. 

A couple more days before my birthday I thought I was 100 percent OK. No fever and cold. I'm feeling good so I decided to visit my parents which is 2 blocks away from our house (15 minutes walk to be exact) to have my usual afternoon conversation with my father. I went home around 6 pm that day and guess what??? 15 minutes of exposing myself to a cold night resulted to a runny nose. Yes, that's right the common cold is back! and all my plans for my birthday week is some what ruined but not totally. I planned to do Week in The Life 2014 which I completed with the help of my dear hubby. 

I cooked a simple birthday breakfast for us (Yes, I still cook) and hubby loves it. 

For dinner, I went to my parent's house to cooked Pancit for our dinner. Hubby came home early that day for my birthday. I was happy to celebrate my birthday with my family. 

as of this writing, I'm on the end stage of my almost a month flu. By the way, the symptoms don't come out at the same time for my case. It always starts with a cold then fever for a few days then the last and the most I hated is the coughing at night. This is the stage where I go emotional and ask God to take away the coughing because I'm losing sleep and I'm disturbing my husband and he is losing sleep too. 

The reason why my flu stay longer than I wanted it, is the lack of time to really stay in bed to take a good rest. In the beginning I was busy taking care of a sick husband while I'm sick then I had to deal with daily chores+other stuff and when I thought I was ok I went outside and stay longer and then got the cold again. It was a vicious cycle that I don't want to be caught again for the 3rd time. I had enough. I have other things in my mind this November being sick for the nth time is not one of them. 

Monday, November 03, 2014

October Read Final Tally

I love to expose myself to different authors and genres of books because it gives me insight into different world and cultures, practices and true-to-life experiences. I never thought I will be able to finished all of these. I feel accomplished but I still have tons of book reviews to post.

  • Just Remember to Breathe (Thompson Sisters Book 2) by Charles Sheehan-Miles 
  • The Dark Proposal (The End of Eternity Book 1) by Megan Cashman
  • Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira 
  • Accidents of Marriage: A Novel by Randy Susan Meyers 
  • Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James
  • The Billionaire and the Cleaner by Sam Crescent 
  • Parenting- Illustrated with Crappy Pictures by Amber Dusick 
  • When Parents Text by Lauren Kaelin, Sophia Fraioli 
  • Celebrity Diss and Tell by Boze Hadleigh 
  • Tangled by Emma Chase 
  • Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart by Sherry Argov 
  • His Possession (The Owner) by Sam Crescent 
  • Sleeping with the Boss by Sam Crescent

Sunday, November 02, 2014

My favorite craft tools

Martha Stewart Crafts - Scoring Board 
 Before I cut my 12x12 paper I score it with my Martha Stewart Crafts - Scoring Board then cut it with my paper trimmer. I'm ashamed to admit that I can't cut it straight without scoring it first. 
We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile - Eyelet and Snap Punch Tool 
I recently made a cute album using old cds and I'm so glad I have We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile - Eyelet and Snap Punch Tool made my life easy. 

We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile - Corner Chomper Tool
I cannot imagine doing project life without We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile - Corner Chomper Tool. I just love the finished look of rounded corners.

Saturday, November 01, 2014


Okoy, is the Filipino version of shrimp fritter. It is a fried and battered mix of shrimp and vegetable. You can eat it any time of the day and you still can't get enough of it. It is quite addicting. I usually make a big batch of Ukoy during weekends or if ever my fish vendor suki (a favorite store where I shop regularly) have it that day. But there are days that we crave it and there's no fresh shrimp available. So, out of desperation, I used dried shrimp and boy did I smacked my head for not thinking that before. I could definitely substitute fresh from dried because they are the same and the dried shrimp are more flavorful than the fresh shrimps I usually use. 


1/4 kilo small shrimps (cleaned) or 3 packs of dried shrimp
1 cup cornstarch or breading mix of your choice
2 cup of vegetables (cabbage, togue, carrots)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon annato powder
2-3 tablespoon sugar
2 pcs eggs
cooking oil


Mix all the ingredients together except the cooking oil. Heat oil in a pan. Using a measuring cup or spoon, scoop the batter onto the hot pan. Deep-fry until golden brown. Put in a strainer with paper towels to remove excess oil. serve with vinegar dip. 


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