Grocery Haul

November 24, 2014

Our grocery is good for two people (hubby and I) and our food supplies exactly last for two weeks. We avoid food waste and keep a stockpile of items that we use on a regular basis. We live near a wet market that's why I don't stock up on fresh vegetables and meat. I buy them daily. Note: All price in Philippine peso (1 US dollar equals 45.02 Philippine peso)

 (Left to right) Ulalammm ready to eat ulam (15.75), Mang Tomas All-around salsa (9.75), Black pepper ground (37.95), Basil  leaves (8.50)

Julie's Oat 25 cookies with free Julie's Peanut butter sandwich (Buy 2 take 1) 133.40

(Left to right then above) Divella Couscous (90.75), Balducci Maccheroni no.32 (51.95), Balducci Spirali no. 55 (51.95), Ideal Spaghettini (45.75)

Australia Harvest Rolled Oats (65.65)

Santi's Chorizo Pamplona price depend on grams
(Left to right) McCormick prepared Mustard (55.75), OK filled cheese (32.70), My San Sky flakes (44.15)

Green Kiwi (78.00)

(Left to right) Romaine (55.30) and Endive (50.90) 

and of course I buy baking supplies such as: Cake, Bread & All-purpose flour; Butter &  Margarine; Baking powder, Confectioner's Sugar, Cocoa powder & Chocolate chips.

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