Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I hate being sick

It started with an innocent kiss from my husband who happens to come home Friday night feeling unwell. I woke up the following day with cold and we had to cancel plans that weekend. Birthday party of a friend's son and grocery with hubby. We spent our weekend + Monday in bed getting better. Being sick is a bummer. Taking care of someone who is sick while you are sick is double bummer. It sucks big time. When hubby went to work the following day, I was left to clean and manage our house. This is the number one reason why I hate being sick. If you are living alone or with your husband only and there's nobody else to call to mend your mess (we have 3 dogs, plants and a fish to take care of) this is the worst time to be sick. My level of patience, logic, kindness and tolerance are so low that I can snap any time. Flu turns me into someone irritable to be with. I don't want to be that way but seriously, it's hard when I'm not OK. 

A couple more days before my birthday I thought I was 100 percent OK. No fever and cold. I'm feeling good so I decided to visit my parents which is 2 blocks away from our house (15 minutes walk to be exact) to have my usual afternoon conversation with my father. I went home around 6 pm that day and guess what??? 15 minutes of exposing myself to a cold night resulted to a runny nose. Yes, that's right the common cold is back! and all my plans for my birthday week is some what ruined but not totally. I planned to do Week in The Life 2014 which I completed with the help of my dear hubby. 

I cooked a simple birthday breakfast for us (Yes, I still cook) and hubby loves it. 

For dinner, I went to my parent's house to cooked Pancit for our dinner. Hubby came home early that day for my birthday. I was happy to celebrate my birthday with my family. 

as of this writing, I'm on the end stage of my almost a month flu. By the way, the symptoms don't come out at the same time for my case. It always starts with a cold then fever for a few days then the last and the most I hated is the coughing at night. This is the stage where I go emotional and ask God to take away the coughing because I'm losing sleep and I'm disturbing my husband and he is losing sleep too. 

The reason why my flu stay longer than I wanted it, is the lack of time to really stay in bed to take a good rest. In the beginning I was busy taking care of a sick husband while I'm sick then I had to deal with daily chores+other stuff and when I thought I was ok I went outside and stay longer and then got the cold again. It was a vicious cycle that I don't want to be caught again for the 3rd time. I had enough. I have other things in my mind this November being sick for the nth time is not one of them. 


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