Saturday, November 22, 2014

Julie's Oat 25

I know I stated here that instead of sharing our grocery finds individually, I will share it in a bi-monthly post. Guess what? I flaked on it big time (I'm sorry) not that I intentionally do it but our previous grocery shopping was done at night (I don't recommend this) and by the time I'm back at home I was already exhausted and no longer have the energy to set up my grocery items for photo session. I just want to put them in our pantry as soon as possible so I can rest. I'll try my very best next time. Speaking of next time, Julie's Oat 25 cookies was part of my latest grocery haul (stay tuned, I still have a few photos for editing) and it was a really good deal @ Php 133.40 or $3.00 
You get 10 convi-packs (3 pcs per packet) 

It's lacto vegetarian and not too sweet for my taste. The cookies are crunchy and believe me it's quite addicting once you started it. I usually have it as a dessert or a quick snack in the morning while surfing the net. The perfect dunking partner for a glass of cold soymilk


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