Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What do you feel when you look back?

The other day, I posted my finished Week in the life pages in Facebook and one of my friend comment: What do you feel when you look back? I answered her with "I feel really good because I have an awful memory when it comes to remembering things. I need something/someone to remind me how wonderful life is." then I ponder again and made me realized a couple of things:

I may feel bored at times with documenting but I seriously enjoy the creative process (you can purchase the 24x16 print here of this beautiful comic)

and goal setting. These two reasons keeps me going. I literally get high (no, I never did drugs before and I'm not planning to do it now or in the future) but maybe the adrenalin is the same (I'm purely guessing here) the thought of new projects or shop update really boost my mood and energy. I love the idea of setting and achieving my goals. 
Photos of the past present and future. Remembering those awkward poses we did using film camera and more awkward and sometimes embarrassing poses from someone else's digital camera/phone today. I just love taking pictures and printing them. It's hard to describe the emotion I feel when I see and feel our memories in my hands. It leaves me breathless & smitten. It was amazing. 
Our story matters to US. It's about Him and Me. I meet him when I was 5. We played, grown old and got separated by place and time but our hearts never forgot, Time lead us back to each other. I do believe in fairy tales, dreams & romantic happy endings but I'm not delusional. Life sucks & unfair sometimes and I'm really glad we shared so much history to fall back when the going gets tough. I live the length and width of my life with someone who makes it effortless, painless, trouble-free and uncomplicated. A love story that I secretly pray & wish for and now documenting it day by day.


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