Monday, December 01, 2014

Christmas Tree

This is the story of our first ever Christmas tree and how I was able to decorate it the way I like it with limited budget. It took me 3 years to make up my mind if we really need a Christmas tree or not. I believe that when the time is right, our tree will come into our life and last August, I was offered by my dear friend to have her still-in-the box tree for the same half the price she got it (the original price was 3,199.75) at six feet tall, it was really a good deal and seriously when I brought home the tree, I was so excited that I need to set it up immediately. I know it's August but Philippines are known for celebrating the longest Christmas season and seeing a tree that early is no biggie. 

I rearranged our living room and put the tree above a wooden box that also store my collection of cookbooks and made it more taller that it almost touch our ceiling. For me it was the perfect height. Just like what I envision. The tree stood in that corner without decoration for 2 1/2 months because I can't decide what I really want for decoration. I'm thinking it should be classic and timeless but also in season and looks expensive but doesn't have a pricey tag and I want it to look and smell real. How on earth I can make that come true? It was too ambitious on my part but I am known for in real life to never give up until I got what I want (no, I'm not a spoiled person, I'm just very determine and extremely patient to get what I think can make me happy) so, I did a bit of googling, asking my friends & family for suggestions and then last November 17 at around 5:25 pm as I scroll down for the latest blogpost of my favorite blogs using reading list, I saw Marie's Crate paper: Autumn decor post and right there in then I fall in love with autumn colors and got the idea of using my scrapbook supplies as decoration. Just the thought of it send me over to the moon. My vision is coming true. :)

I didn't stop there. I visit Pinterest and search for Christmas related pins. I was smitten by this pin and I want the same thing. Silver motif is classic and timeless. Those glitter ornaments is the best and the price tag is more amazing. I only pay 219.50 for a dozen of teardrop and 299.75 for 2 dozen of silver balls. When it comes to Christmas lights, I did a bit of observing. When my favorite malls started changing their decorations, I meticulously analyzed why I keep on looking on their display. There was something hypnotic about it and true enough I was drawn to the lights. Those teeny-weeny rice lights. I could look at it for hours and never getting tired of it. I love the idea of enjoying it at home so I bought 3 box (100 lights) for 329.25 pesos. 

and to make it more natural looking, I also bought 3 artificial twigs with red fruit cherries for 99.75 a piece and 5 packs of cinnamon bark to make our tree and the living room smell like Christmas. Every time we open the door that's the first smell that tickle our senses. It transport us back in time in an instant. Those memories of past Christmases come flooding our minds. It was amazing. For a small space you only need 5 packs (10.10 pesos per pack) more than that can make you feel dizzy because the smell will be too intense for your senses. 

For my personal tags, I combine 3 collection of ephemera by Pink Paislee and manila tags. 

Added cinnamon bark at the back of each tags

I used my We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile - Eyelet and Snap Punch Tool to punch a hole (I do this very carefully because the bark as you can see snap easily.)

Each tag tells a story of my family members, friends, hubby & I and our pets. 

16 tags in total. Just by looking these makes me feel thankful and wonderful. I am blessed to have them in my life. 


Without a doubt, our Christmas tree was worth the wait. I never expected that it would cost me less than 2700 to have the tree of my dreams. 


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