Grocery Haul

December 11, 2014

Our grocery is good for two people (hubby and I) and our food supplies exactly last for two weeks. We avoid food waste and keep a stockpile of items that we use on a regular basis. We live near a wet market that's why I don't stock up on fresh vegetables and meat. I buy them daily. Note: All price in Philippine peso (1 US dollar equals 45.02 Philippine peso)

  • Balducci Spirali no. 55 (51.95)
  • Ideal Spaghettini (45.75)
  • Santi's Chorizo Pamplona price depend on grams
  • OK filled cheese (32.70)
  • My San Sky flakes (44.15)
  • Lactasoy Chocolate Soymilk (31.65) each
  • Surf Blossom Fresh (6.95) each
  • Downy Parfum Collection: Passion (10.20) each
  • RAM Tomato sauce Spanish-style (9.95)
  • JOY Antibac dish washing liquid soap (69.85)
  • UFC Banana ketchup pouch (16.25)
  • Yogurt Delight (14.00) each
  • Arrowhead Mills Organic Flax seed 1lb (220.00)
  • Cornstarch (19.10)
  • Annato powder (12.75)
  • Magic Sarap (32.15)
  • Safeguard soap (14.70) each
  • Colgate toothpaste (119.00)
  • Jack & Jill Piatos (11.10) each

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