Friday, January 16, 2015

Beauty Haul

Just in case, you missed my other haul posts; you can check it here and here. I'm beginning to love this sharing of products we like to consume on a regular basis. A glimpse of our private lives by the products were using. A mini review & recommendation from me to you.

Kris Aquino EDT OK first of all, I'm not a fan of the celebrity whose EDT name came from.That's why, my hubby always tease me for buying her product. Well, I may not like her, but I love this EDT. It doesn't trigger my skin allergies, and it blends well with my body chemistry. It's my signature scent. There are few encounters from the past, from a total strangers, telling me how they love my scent. Most of the time, I received a blank stare when I mention the name and a follow-up questions where do I buy and how much it cost. It seems that few people know this EDT exist. If you love oriental notes, you, will love this.

To compliment Kris Aquino EDT, I slather my skin with Dreamy Berry Burst body lotion. Two years ago, I received this as a gift and from that day till now, I use it, and I'm not ashamed to share that I did a bit of hoarding last December.

I also received Herb Day 365 Acerola Cleansing Foam as a gift, and I never thought that our (me & hubby) skin will love it. It cleanses and brighten our faces.Too bad, when we dropped by their Glorietta branch, The Acerola was not available so, I decided to buy their Mung Beans Cleansing Foam & Lemon Cleansing Foam (not in the picture) and we still got the same result.

I'm not affiliated with any of the products on this post. My opinions are personal, unless specified.


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