Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hearty Breakfast

Starting a new habit can be overwhelming sometimes especially if it's something to do with your health. Last week, I started Oil pulling (details will be on my next blog post) and 2 Tbsp of ground Flaxseed for our breakfast. The hardest part is not getting use to the taste because it has a nutty flavor but grinding it manually using a mortar and pestle. I need to start a few seeds at a time because they go flying across the room, and I have dogs who loves to sniff around and eat whatever they see that I don't notice. By the time, I'm done with the grinding, the energy I got when I woke up was already gone, and that made me dream of a new food processor. I need to buy it soon because it might be the cause of us flaking from this healthy habit. 

Flaxseed or linseed is considered a super food. A rich source of dietary fiber, fatty acid ALA or Omega 3, Magnesium, And Vitamin B. It was found to help lower cholesterol level, the risk of diabetes, cancer, and menopausal symptoms. You can check here the full report of nutritional value of Flaxseed. 

If you ever include this in your morning breakfast, be sure to ground it first. The whole seeds will only pass through your body without being digested, and all the nutrients that you supposed to get, will be wasted. 


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