Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Is eating out cheaper than cooking at home?

We used to eat out with friends and families but as we get older and wiser, we started inviting love ones at home for home cooked meals. I even baked cookies last December for gift giving and it saves us some extra money. 

Eating out is a good thing. It saves time and physical work (dirty dishes). It's fast and immediately gratifying. My kind of thing when I'm too tired to even cook a decent meal at the end of a stressful day. A saving grace but it cost a lot and that's not a good thing. 

Let's do the math and compare. A whole Chicken roast can cost around 500 pesos (12 dollars) good for 2-3 person in a restaurant. If I buy a whole Chicken in a wet market it will only cost me 150 pesos (3.50 dollars) and I can cook 2-3 Chicken recipes:
The chicken from the market is good for 2-3 types of dishes, not just one meal. Cooking at home is the clear winner here in terms of serving, cost per meal and nutrient values plus the fact that because it was home cooked, you are sure what's in your food. 


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