Saturday, January 17, 2015

One Little Word 2015: IGNORE

My One Little Word for 2015 is IGNORE

The word may sound cynical at first, but if you take a minute to digest what the word mean, you will realize why I choose it. It's not all about ignoring someone (as my hubby think first when I told him), but my overall attitude towards things or situation I'm in.

Ignore procrastination and START writing down my blog & shop goals and achieving it on time. I'm using CuttyCal sync with my Google Calendar. This year I want to produce more quality kits/digital products; Sell more. I want my small business to move up and offer additional items.

Ignore negative vibes and people who created it and FOCUS on the positive aspect of my life. Being more grateful for the blessings I received. I want to control the type of energy I let into my life.

Ignore cowardice and try to be BRAVE on trying new things. Like, riding a plane to visit a family or friend. Baby steps.

Ignore more unhealthy food and CONTINUE eating healthy alternatives. I still can't believe that my hubby will love eating cereals with flaxseed.

This year, I WANT to be better, more productive, and more adventurous. Cheers to 2015! I CAN DO IT!

One Little Word® is a concept created by Ali Edwards.


  1. I like your "one little word"!! :) Gusto ko yan for next year! Heheh!

    1. Thanks Rianne. It took me awhile to decide which word I want this year. :)



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