Sunday, February 08, 2015

2015 Project life plans+December Album

After doing project life in 6x8 format and loving it, I decided to make it simpler this year. I was lucky to stumble a 6x12 photo album @ NBS, and it cost me Php 399.00 or 8.95 dollars only! That's a good deal compare to other online stores. The album comes with 6x12 photo sleeve and has space for additional notes.

To make my memory keeping more productive, I reorganized my digital supplies+fonts. So the time spent on finding where my supplies will be down to a few seconds. I'm using Paislee Press 4x6 Photo Templates Vol. 1, I am thankful no.01, Nine (photo collage), 4x6 photo templates Vol. 2, Digital elements and journaling cards (freebies) from different designers.

I missed digital scrapbooking, and it's convenience. How it made, memory keeping easy breezy. The so called instant gratification. I just love it, and that's my plan for 2015.

Regarding my December album, I got lucky again. My visit to NBS was not plan at all. We (me & hubby) are scheduled to watch a movie that day. Unfortunately, our preferred time for Taken 3 was not available but because we love Liam Neeson, we decided to push through, giving us 4 hours of free time and the best way to kill it is, roaming the mall. 

The album is 7x8 and has a gray metallic finish. Looks very festive but classic at the same time.

The best thing about this album was the price. That's $ 2.20 only! I know, I freaked out when I saw the price.

It also included 25 6x7 page protector with red 5x7 cardstock. Holly moly! All I need to do is print and adhere my photos, and I'm done.

I'm excited for 2015. I got what I want. :)


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