Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Around Here

Family time is the best thing in the world. Family living in the city (like us) with busy lives rarely have the chance to bond together during weekends. That's why every chance we have, we grab it immediately. Last week, I spent my Saturday with hubby. We watched Taken 3, enjoyed al fresco dining and spent the remaining free time roaming the mall. 

Home cooked meals will always be the best, and I'm a bit spoiled in having my way when it comes to what we eat at home and I tend to crave it when we dine out. Luckily, there are few near our place that serves comfort food. One of them is Rufus famous tapa. Hubby ordered the Tapa and according to him; it was flavorful, and he likes the special sauce. I ordered the Longanisa and just like hubby, I also enjoyed it. The serving was generous and over-all we stand up from our chairs feeling full and satisfied. 

Also that day, we bought our food processor and hubby was so excited, he volunteer to cook Lumpiang Shanghai. His version is a keeper. :)

The following day, I went to church with my family. Hubby cannot come with us because he was monitoring his team.It's not our first time to visit Regina Rosarii but our first time to visit a few days before my father's birthday. It is now one of the most famous pilgrimage sites here in the Philippines. The property is huge, and if you ever visit it, you need to ready yourself for walking, I mean walking up the hills. Don't fret, the tiredness will soon be relieve once you reach the top and see the vast, breathtaking view and touch the 71-foot tall statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The experience will leave you breathless.

It's an ideal place to relax your mind, pray for your loved ones and ask guidance to Mama Mary.


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