Sunday, February 01, 2015

Homemade is Good

As I mention here, we love eating home cooked meals. Not only it saves us money, it also give us peace of mind. Knowing what's in our food makes the extra time spend in preparation worth it. Health is wealth, as they say, that's why we started adding flaxseed to our breakfast oats and pancakes.

Three weeks ago, I baked rosemary bread. It was delicious and healthy and the leftover bread, we made it into breadcrumbs and used it to make burger patties. 

It is my first time to used food processor to grind our meat, and I found that, I liked having control over the type of cuts going into our ground meat. It is amazing the difference it makes!

That night, I also make malunggay pesto. It doesn't taste like the traditional pesto, but malunggay is the next best and cheapest alternative to fresh basil. It tasted heavenly when we added cream cheese instead of parmesan cheese. 

To us, homemade meals are always better. The choice of using fresh ingredients and whatever flavors I like is worth the effort. Homemade is still, and will always be the best.


  1. not only good, but so much better! you know the food are prepared very well. :)

    1. very true. Nothing beats homemade food. :)



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