Thursday, February 05, 2015

Homeware Haul

2014 is a good year for us in all aspect of our lives. My small business is slowly growing and expanding. I'm totally ok with that. This year, a lot of planning and moving and planning again. Change is better. There's nothing else more exciting than shaking off things that no longer work and having a new space for improvement. I'm totally excited. :)

Going back to my homeware haul, I'm so happy to buy and received gifts that are functional. I love it when gifts are well thought-out. It means that the giver spent some time thinking and considering the feelings of the receiver. It communicates knowledge of the recipient. 

My mama gave me 2 Liters of my favorite Antibacterial hand soap, Blender with coffee miller and food processor came from hubby (not in the picture) and soap again from a friend.  

and here are the things I bought: 

Cuisinart All Silicone Spoon Rest-Hubby could not understand the logic behind this purchase. I told him, I need a spoon rest for my spatula while cooking. It is large enough to handle different cooking utensils. A practical buy for me.
Glass Storage Candy Jar W/ Airtight Lid and thick knob for easy removal- I bought this because my sugar & salt container need replacing and of course for esthetic purpose. 
Soup bowl- I just love how cute this is.
Vacuum airtight food container- I bought this because of  flaxseed. I read somewhere that ground flaxseed are quickly turn rancid, and the best way to keep the whole seed fresh is by putting it in a vacuum airtight container. 
Mason Jar Drinking Glasses Mugs Embossed- County Fair-Been dreaming to own a mason jar. Finally, it was available at my favorite store, and the best thing is, it's so darn cheap. 

Note: As seen in the first photo, I also bought three new pillows and pillow cases, and mortar & pestle.


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