Thursday, April 02, 2015

Weekly Menu Plan

Meal planning is one of my favorite task and I've tried countless meal-planning methods that didn't work before. Part of the reason was too much work and less creativity in the process. In other word, I got bored with it because it's not working. Makes the task harder than I would like it. But that didn't stop me. Meal planning saves time and money and giving up the concept means wasting food. I hate wasting food. Finding a method that will work for me continue until I had the "light bulb" moment last month. 

I have those iPhone fridge app magnets. They aren't strong enough to hold a piece of paper up, more for the look than the functionality. They look awesome but eventually the novelty has worn off and I need to repurpose or get rid of it. That's when the lightbulb moment happened. 

I peeled off the images from the magnets then cut several square papers (same size as the magnet) and hand written the vegetables I regularly cook. Those I'm not going to use that week are put in a magnetic pocket. The vegetables became the basis of what recipe to use that day.The magnet menu gives me flexibility to play with our weekly menu as life constantly gets in the way. I need quick and simple healthy meals that hubby and I would enjoy.


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