Friday, May 01, 2015

April Read

As I mentioned here, someone close to my heart is getting married next week and for the past months, I've been busy helping them to fulfill their dream wedding. Reading take a back seat for the month of April.

A Life Worth Living by Jennifer Probst-A great short story about a dog's life. I loved the fact that it was written from the dog's point of view. A perfect book for dog lovers. This is the only book that made me cry a river while reading it. It absolutely breaks my heart.

Personal Assistant (Hollywood Nights #1) by Cara North-The main characters are close to real life and the story was believable. It was a good read and I truly enjoyed reading it.

Started but set aside/Still reading:

I've been reading the "The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People" like forever and as much as I wanted to finish it immediately, I keep on setting it aside after a few chapters. I don't know why. I'm still trying to figure it out and hoping that I'll be able to finish the 618 pages this year and blog it. The same happened with "The Marriage Trap" These books are worth reading, it's just that, I always get distracted with my endless to read books (which I sometimes browse for fun) I always end up reading books that I intend to read later.

The Power of a Praying Wife Devotional, on the other hand, is a must read for all wives. I love the daily reading and guided prayers. This book is amazing.


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