Friday, May 15, 2015

Gardening Update

For the past months, I've been trying my hand in gardening and I have my fair share of mistakes and success. My patience is being tested every now and then. I got frustrated at times and sometimes I want to give up, but then again the idea of harvesting my own food keeps me going. Now, I humbly salute all our farmers for growing our food that we sometimes take for granted. 

Two weeks ago, I was able to harvest my onion chives and it's amazing. 

I had my doubts that this is going to work but it did. It was a bitter-sweet experiment. I planted 10 cloves. 8 didn't sprout. The 2 cloves was able to grow an inch but as of this writing, It also died.

Once a week, I serve fruit salad or green salad for dinner. I specifically, love to use lolla rosa and I think planting it would be practical and economical. So, When we did our monthly shopping, I got myself a pack of seeds and immediately planted it. 

After a few days, I saw this lovely babies sprouting and I got excited. I brought them outside and well, one heavy rain (in the middle of summer), ruined my plants and I was left with empty pots. :( :( :( It was heartbreaking, but I learned my lessons and as always, this is not the end. Going to try it again.


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