Saturday, June 06, 2015

Around Here

Just like that, half of the year has passed. I was busy with different things. 
  • Launching a new shop for both physical and digital products. Updating and monitoring two websites became a burden and I really really want a shop with a shopping cart system. I want my customer to have a superior e-commerce experience. For my part, a simple inventory management. 
  • Wedding coordinator/Photographer for my sister's DIY summer wedding. We had fun creating and making her special day more special by collaborating and making her dream come true (sharing it soon) in the meantime, you can check my summer gift ideas here
  • With the help of my easyPlanner app, fridge magnets, and yummy magazines, I'm able to plan our weekly meals + hubby's lunch pack. 
Sunday is my plan and prep day. Once I've done the initial setup (recipes + planner/calendar) all I have to do is take some time each week to go through a three step process: plan our meals for the week, go shopping, and do whatever I need to do to prepare them ahead of time (like thaw frozen items,etc) It saves me tons of time and energy plus the idea of prepared frozen meals in the morning makes me happy because I'm not a morning person. Here's a peek for last week lunch pack menu.
Monday: Fried Spicy pork strips sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds
Tuesday: Skinless longganisa served with marinated carrots and cucumber
Wednesday: Pork chop served with banana-pineapple chutney
Thursday: Crusted Chicken nuggets with honey mustard dip
Friday: Burger Steak (using skinless longganisa) with sauce

It was a bittersweet goodbye for me and my dearest friend M. They had to move somewhere in the south for their family's future. Few days before they leave, I surprised her with her favorite chocolate cupcakes. I'm glad her family enjoyed it. Especially, her cute daughter.
My Mom and Dad plus me are into someone else's junk. We just love second-hand items. We had this huge cabinet full of plates, soup bowls, mugs, jars, etc and we already lost track where or when did we purchase a specific item. It's quite addicting.

I've been doing a no rice diet for almost a week now and so far I enjoy eating my veggies even meat without the rice. 21 days is all I need to form a habit after that I will slowly cut back on other food like pasta, sugar, etc. I know it's not going to be easy but I'll try my very best to resist.
It's been a good 5 years living a few blocks away from my parent's home and now, It's time to move again. New adventure for me and hubby and our 3 furkids. :)


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