Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fried Spicy Pork Strips

It's been awhile since I last share a recipe and I'm sorry for the laziness. Summer heat gets the best of me + the never ending changes in our lives these past few months. Going back to this yummy recipe, here are the ingredients for the marinade. Please note, I just mix them together without using a specific measurement. I just follow my cook's instinct. 


Hoisin sauce
Soy sauce
Sweet chili sauce (Ayam Thai Sweet chili sauce)
Sesame oil
Chinese cooking wine
Sriracha sauce
Powdered ginger
Minced garlic

1/2-kilo Pork cut into strips

toasted Sesame seeds

Mix together all marinade ingredients in a bowl. Add pork strips to the marinade. Marinate for 2 hours or overnight. Using my ever reliable Happy call pan, I just fried them in their own oil and cooked it fully. Sprinkle pork strips with toasted sesame seeds and serve immediately. 


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