Friday, July 03, 2015

Around Here

The moving was one hell of a ride and that was not the first move I did in my life. My family was shocked to discover that I was able to organize our things without making our previous house look cluttered and arranging it immediately after the move was a sight to behold. I didn't stop until we can freely move in our room without stumbling into something. Yes, not a house this time but a room in my parents home.

In between moving, I was able to read books and did some scrapbook shopping. I bought myself a food acrylic stamp and bone folder because, during the move, I thought I lost the bone folder of my Martha Stewart scoring board but for some reason hubby found it in his bag of tools which happens to be beside my craft table. The Thickers (Maple, Sentiment and Rootbeer Float)+stamp are from landmark department store.

I finally set up my cork board blog editorial calendar and my blogging life have never been so easy. I should have done this before, but I don't have the wall space to adhere a 24x36x1/4 cork sheet.

My mom found a baby bird near her plants. She showed me then let it go after I took this pic.

Had a quick lunch with hubby @ KFC before doing our grocery shopping. We got free coupons from the cashier. Hubby avail the free chicken pie when he ordered his meal.

Weekend breakfast and lunch cooked by yours truly and my brother-in-law.


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